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Voacanga Seeds/Happy Pills
These seeds are sometimes dry toasted (no oil) in a pan like coffee beans and then crushed or ground. Others chew them up and eat them Or they are put in capsules and take them with water.

If roasted or not... they are then put in tea bags, smoked, put in capsules or eaten. 

I am selling these as a help with symptoms of Weight Loss, Nerves, Depression, Mood Stabilization, Bipolar, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Addiction.

When eaten and not put in capsules... 
1 in 6 people claim they feel a small high for a short time that comes and goes in waves depending on the person and or the amount you take. Not all persons feel this High type feeling.


 Large amounts are not recommended to be eaten 10, 20 to 40 seeds eaten is the commits we have found online that others have tried.

1 700mg Capsule per day is the normal dose for most symptoms.
People with more extreme symptoms such as found in Bipolar or Post Traumatic Stress Disorders may require more capsules per day. Up to 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon could be taken. When a person starts on more than 1 a day they may find they feel sleepy. Please go slow increasing to more than 1 per day to decrease the sleepy feeling. Build up slowly and most find in a few days this wears off and they do not feel sleepy. 

These seeds have a taste a bit like flowers and nuts. Some say they have no flavor and others claim they taste like dirt. lol but none feel they have a strong or unpleasant flavor. 

When taken in a capsule form no odd effects have been reported. If chewed and eaten.... 
1 in 6 persons find they giggled a lot, felt tingly, had a bit of a head high and a body high, that was similar to the effects experience when drinking 2 beers. Everyone who has taken them reported good sleep. They wake up chipper and happy. Often this seed is called the natural happy pill.

With 10 to 20 seeds or 1 to 2 capsules per day. People find they do not crave food or think about food when no hungry. They do not crave flavor or eat when not hungry and do not eat as much.

Finding the right dose for you is important. When a person takes more than is needed for them this seed will become ineffective. 

My personal experience... Two days ago I had a birthday party at my house. 10 adults and 3 small children. I had none of the normal issues I normally have with my nerves. I normally can not cope with what I was able to cope with and I had no issues at all. 

WARNING: When taking these seeds and drinking.. 
If you take the seeds regularly you may find you feel no effects or limited effects of Alcohol. Or if you take the seeds while drinking you may loose all or some of the effects of Alcohol. If you take regularly or during drinking you may wake up with no hangover or normal bad effects of the alcohol. Most people claim they woke chipper and hungry with no hangover symptoms. So there is concern someone might drink to the point of a poison state so please do not drink or drink to excess when taking the seeds.

When roasted and chewed or put in a tea bag some
Mental acuity and alertness without a coffee effect was experienced. 

Happiness was felt by all and it continued into the next day. 

​Here is some information found online

Voacanga africana is a small tropical African tree that grows to 6m in height. It has leaves that are up to 30 cm in length, and the tree produces yellow or white flowers, which become berries with yellow seeds. The bark and seeds of the tree are used in Ghana as a stimulant, aphrodisiac, and ceremonial psychedelic.These effects are due to the presence of a complex mixture of iboga alkaloids such as voacangine, voacamine, vobtusine, amataine, akuammidine, tabersonine, coronaridine and vobtusine.

Medicinal uses
A number of these compounds have pharmaceutical uses.Of particular pharmaceutical interest is voacangine, which is a common precursor in the semi-synthesis of the anti-addiction medication ibogaine. Small amounts of ibogaine are found in Voacanga Africana roots and seeds.

FAMILY: Apocynaceae
GENUS: Voacanga
SPECIES: Africana, Bracteata, Dregei, Grandiflora
The various species of the Voacanga genus are evergreen trees. They grow to a height of 6 m with a spread of 2 m, but are usually kept smaller in cultivation. The stem is erect and branching, the leaves are broadly oval and up to 30 cm long. The berries contain several brown seed which are irregularly shaped, and grow in a cluster that sometimes can resemble a brain. The various species of the genus are very similar to one another, featuring yellow or white flowers with five united petals. The bark contains latex (Hofmann et al. 1992, 60).
A native of the West African rainforests, V. africana prefers well composted, rich soils in protected sunny to part shade areas, and is tender to drought and frost. Propagation is from fresh seed or cuttings. Sterilise the seed in 6% hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes, then plant about 10 mm deep in sterilised sand or seed raising mix. Application of a systemic fungicide may be needed to control fungal infections, which readily spread from unviable seeds. Fresh seeds germinate much more quickly than older seeds.
TRADITIONAL USES: As a close relative of Tabernanthe iboga and many other psychoactive members of the Apocynaceae family, Voacanga is generally ingested to increase endurance and stamina and for magic and religious purposes. In West Africa, the bark of Voacanga africana is often used as a stimulant and an aid for hunting. It is also reported to be a potent aphrodisiac. The bark of Voacanga bracteata is reportedly used in Gabon as a marijuana substitute (Puiseux et al. 1965 cited in Ratsch 1998, 588).
TRADITIONAL PREPARATION: Voacanga africana is one of the well guarded secrets of the African Magic Healers. Little is know about the actual use of the seeds and the bark of the various Voacanga species (including V. africana), other than that the plant is held in high esteem for ritual purposes. The use of seeds for visionary experiences has been documented (Ratsch 1998, 589).
Ground seeds are sometimes consumed at as little as .7 grams of plant material to produce psychoactive effects. It is suggested that blood-sugar levels and antioxidant levels must be kept high to minimize unpleasant side effects. Tinctures of V. africana root bark have been used to produce mild, long lasting stimulation (Voogelbreinder 2009, 349).
MEDICINAL USES: The milky latex of the plant is applied to wounds in Nigeria and Senegal. Tea made from the leaf is said to be a strengthening potion that relieves fatigue and shortness of breath. It is also used to prevent premature childbirth and to treat painful hernias and menstruation. It is used in many areas of Africa to treat heart troubles. The seeds of Voacanga spp. are used in Europe due to their high tabersonine content. This is used as a precursor for vincamine, which is used to treat neural deficiencies in the elderly (Vooglebreinder 2009, 349).
TRADITIONAL EFFECTS: The seeds of Voacanga africana contain up to 10% indole alkaloids similar to iboga, including voacamine, voacangine and many related compounds. The same alkaloids are found in the bark, but in much lower levels (~2%). This group of indole alkaloids, when ingested, cause a mild to strong stimulation lasting several hours. Higher doses have a strong hallucinogenic effect (Bisset 1985).
The bark of Voacanga bracteata contains 2.46% alkaloids (voacamine, voacamine-N-oxide, 20-epi-voacorine, and voacangine) that resemble the compounds found in Tabernanthe iboga. However, this bark only causes mild depressent effects. Schultes also mentions that Voacanga dregei may produce hallucinogenic effects (Ratsch 1998, 588).
In animal studies, the root bark alkaloids of Voacanga species cause CNS-depressant, hypotensive, spasmolytic and cardiotonic actions. The alkaloids seem to be well tolerated and cause few side effects. The seeds are suspected to be neurotoxic on some level, which may be due to the action of the major seed alkaloid tabersonine (Bisset 1985).
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