CBD brought to you by Essential Soap because I believe it will work for you.
Shipping is included on all CBD and Terpenes Products
             some sleepiness may occur but will subside in a few days of use.  
Treat Your Skin to Natural!

1. Mix crystals in Oil only if you wish crystals to dissolve.  
     Do not mix in water.

2. You can mix in vegetable glycerin. 

3. Some heat the Glycerin or Oil and then mix the crystals in and       say they will melt into the oil or glycerin. I have        
     experience doing this with the oil only. It works in oil. I do not       heat it much just enough to make it warm. Makes it go faster. 

4. Crystals Die from heat over 130 to 160 degrees. I have been     
     told both temps. I use the 130 for balms and 160 for soap 

5.  I am concerned to say to much and have issues with the fda   
     over drug claims. So please do your own research as to what 
     cbd can help you with. 

I hope you love this product as much as I do. 
1 gram 99% Pure CBD Crystals. 
This is for making your own creams and or bath bombs and or such. 
We give you these details.
1. 1 gram is 1000mg 
2. if you get it hotter than 135 degrees it dies.
3. it is oil soluble not water soluble 
3. Buy and use at your own risk. 
4. if you add 1 gram to a ounce of hemp oil, it is a 1000 mg ounce of cbd in a ounce of hemp oil. If you add it is 4 ounces it is 250 mg per ounce of oil.
5. Most balms purchased over the internet is 50 mg to 150 mg.
6. We sell a 200mg balm below this listing. 

Price is including shipping 

Buy these crystals below
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Each 1 Gram container has 1000mg of cbd in it.

Judy wants jars with 50mg in each jar. 
1000mg divided by 50mg = 20 jars

Judy's jars are 2 oz jars. 
2oz times 20 jars = 40oz of product 
1000mg divided by 40oz = 25mg

So Judy will have 20 jars with 25mg in each ounce and 50mg in each 2oz jar

Susan wants 50mg in each oz of her product. 
 1000mg divided by 50mg = 20oz

Susan wanta 4 oz in each of her jars. 
4 times 50mg = 200mg in each jar.

1000mg divided by 200mg is 5 jars 

susan will have 5 4oz jars with 200mg in each jar
Our "THC Free" Hemp "Full Spectrum" 
CBD is From....

Full Spectrum co2 extracted Cannabidiol Oil + Pure Crystalline Isolate grown in Colorado in a Obama Farm Bill Approved Hemp Grow Facilities. This is a federal law that makes hemp products legal that are grown in a Obama Farm Bill Approved Facility and is kept below .03 percent or less in thc. 

The growers have developed new hemp plants for our CBD products that are low in thc and high in CBD. So this is not your grandfathers hemp plants that we still make rope out of.

Marijuana is Illegal in most states or very limited.

The government classes Cannabis two ways. 

Over .03 thc = Marijuana 
Under .03 thc = Hemp

So New Hemp was developed when the Obama Farm Hemp Bill was signed in 2014. 

Our CBD Oils are custom formulated using a Pharmaceutical-Grade Cannabidiol (CBD),

Pure CBD Isolate Concentrate, full spectrum CBD Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and Kosher-Grade Vegetable Glycerin. Through sublingual use, or use under the tongue, More may be needed than recommended on bottles of drops. Users can more accurately determine an approximate dose through personal testing.

Our balms is used for skin contact only. Not for internal use.






-Neutral/Sweet Flavor
-CBD Concentration 
-Sublingual Use
-Compounded by Licensed Pharmacists 

Oral Use, Fastest delivery system, Immediate response

Read More about CBD Oil Including Medical Health & Legal Status of CBD Oil Click Here 
Live Pain Free Naturally 
1 gram of crystals
5 gram of crystals
10 gram of crystals
wholesale 50 gram of crystals.
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chart for price. 
You can remove it from chart easy.